About Me

I am a 20-year old undergraduate student living in Paris, pursuing a major in Journalism with a double minor in Comparative Political Communication and Fashion Studies. 

I have always been interested in everything involving design, from interior design and architecture to content creation and fashion, I am inspired by aesthetics and visuals that innovate beauty, and represent the different cultures of the world we live in.

By exploring fashion, I was exposed to different diasporas, which expanded my interest in politics, and hard-news. I tend to gear towards Latin American politics but have begun to delve into the U.S and European politics as well. 

I enjoy mixing fashion with politics and exploring the in-betweenness they share. 

I also take part in writing freelance and feature pieces regarding softer topics such as travel and lifestyle. 

Santa Monica, California
Tuscany, Italy
√Čtretat, Normandy, France

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